Charred Salsa Verde
2 Each Anaheim chili pepper. 2 Each jalapeno chili pepper. 1 Each green bell pepper. 6 Each tomatillos husked and cleaned. 0.5 Each onion peeled and quartered. 1 Each garlic cloves peeled. 2 Each avocado, peeled, sliced in half and pit removed. 1 Cup cilantro, roughly chopped. 6 Each lime juice, fresh squeezed-more if needed. 2 Teaspoons kosher salt, more if needed. 1 Teaspoon black pepper, more if needed. 1 Tablespoon Extra Virgin olive oil.
  1. On a hot grill or under a broiler, char the chili peppers in order to blister the skin on all sides. Do not burn. Place in a bowl and cover with plastic film to cool for at least 20 minutes.
  2. While the peppers are cooling, char the tomatillos, onions and avocados on all sides. Set aside.
  3. Remove peppers from bowl and peel skin carefully off of the anaheims and green bell peppers. Then remove the stems and seeds from the inside.
  4. Remove the stems from the jalapenos.
  5. In a food processor or blender place all ingredients and puree to make the salsa. Taste and adjust seasoning. Cool in the refrigerator uncovered. Once cooled completely cover. Salsa will remain fresh in the refrigerator for 3 days.
  6. Enjoy with burgers, grilled steaks, chicken, pork, and fish or for breakfast with eggs. Enjoy with chips as a snack!

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